Recruiter / Healthcare Recruiter

Job Description

The primary responsibilities as the Corporate Recruiter include independently sourcing, recruiting, screening and assisting to secure professionals for the corporate office consistent with company needs and goals. Recruiter will utilize pro-active and non-traditional recruitment methods to seek out employees in the most cost efficient approaches. Must have worked in Clinical Healthcare setting

Required Skills

Principal Duties and Responsibilities as Corporate Recruiter

  •  Works with HR generalist to identify staffing needs
  •  Reviews and edits job descriptions for open positions
  •  Develops, coordinates and writes job postings
  •  Utilize pro-active and non-traditional recruitment techniques (direct sourcing and networking) in the recruitment process for corporate jobs
  •  Post all jobs utilizing the position announcement procedure, including internal web sites, internet web sites,
  •  Keep VP of HR informed of need to use advertising and agency to secure candidates to meet organizational demands while controlling expenses
  •  Serve as the liaison between HR Generalist and the candidate during the interview process
  •  Provide recruiting data to VP of HR  to assist in planning and forecasting of recruitment needs
  •  Design, develop and implement semi-structured behavioral interviewing tools
  •  Coach HR generalist in interviewing techniques
  •  Assist in the area of organizational development in situation where there is a direct impact on the recruitment process
  •  Assist in the establishment and development of selection standards and criteria
  •  Stay abreast of innovative recruiting techniques to attract and compete in markets
  •  Performs reference checks on applicants
  •  Create marketing plan for recruitment brand recognition

Job Requirements

Required Experience

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required

  •  At least 2 Years of related experience
  •  Bachelors degree preferred
  •  Knowledge of Human Resources Department functions and federal and state regulations
  •  Ability to rapidly learn and perform tasks related to the departments, policies, functions, procedures or processes; assume responsibility for major clerical function including the resolution of problems
  •  Ability to coordinate activities for other staff members
  •  Ability to research files and prepare statistical reports and analysis
  •  Ability to establish and maintain complex record keeping systems
  •  Ability to communicate effectively, verbally and in writing
  •  Ability to operate a personal computer using Windows environment software including Outlook, Word, Excel and other department standard software
  •  Ability to communicate with others and to assimilate and understand information, in a manner consistent with the essential job functions

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