As part of our outsourcing service, the Preston Harris Group utilizes experienced American bookkeepers and virtual office assistants who have qualified in the United States and decided to relocate overseas.

Virtual services save you salary and insurance costs, as well as office space. Many companies and individuals choose to outsource their bookkeeping or employ a virtual assistant as an alternative to setting up a full administrative office. This arrangement is particularly helpful for start-ups and for executives who travel extensively.

Our bookkeepers will provide you with dedicated professional support and ensure that your records are kept accurately and in accordance with all legal requirements.

If you run a small business with fixed expenses and are ready to hire outsourced professionals who charge significantly lower fees than the going rate, talk to us. We will assess your business and suggest a customized service to suit your needs, taking into account your timetable and time zone to find experienced assistants and bookkeepers to work with you at your convenience.

Contact us today at (212) 444-1649 about the potential benefits of virtual office bookkeepers.

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