Experts in Direct Hire & Consultant Placement

Job Seekers

The Preston Harris Group will listen to your requirements and find you the ideal employment opportunity.


Looking for in-house staff? Talk to the Preston Harris Group and you will be offered the best available applicants.

Consulting Services

With our pool of experienced consultants, the Preston Harris Group can quickly find the perfect people for your projects.

Outsourcing Solutions

The Preston Harris Group outsources projects to highly-qualified Americans who live overseas and charge lower rates.


Working in the IT, Finance, Accounting or Healthcare sectors? The Preston Harris Group understands your needs.



Why Call Us?


As objective recruiters, we act in the interest of both parties. We want every job seeker to be happy and successful in their new role, and we strive to satisfy every client with our recommendations.

The Preston Harris Group specializes in providing the right candidates for direct hire placement and consulting projects in the IT, Finance and Healthcare sectors. We use skills testing and other assessment tools, but the key to our success is our ability to listen and understand your requirements. We also provide helpful feedback to facilitate a successful outcome for all parties.

Top corporations and grateful individuals recommend the Preston Harris Group – give us a chance to help you too.

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