PHG FinanceWhether in boom times or recession, the American economy depends on its financial institutions, and each of these depends on the skills of its individual employees. We take the responsibility of financial recruitment extremely seriously.

At the Preston Harris Group we place only the best candidates with the right credentials, pre-screening every applicant and checking every reference. Recognizing that time is money, we require our candidates to perform extensive knowledge and skills tests before we send them out for an interview.

Our database is constantly replenished with prime candidates for different accounting and finance roles. Thanks to our hands-on, full-service approach and our knowledge of the financial marketplace, we can generally recommend a number of candidates who satisfy your company’s specific criteria.

We work with leading Fortune 500 companies and provide C-level executives for the finance and accounting departments of diverse businesses nationwide. Our expert recruiters work hard to match each individual with the right corporate culture for a successful and profitable hire.

Trust lies at the heart of our business, and this is the most important axiom of our financial recruitment department. Because you need to know that your business and its assets are in safe hands, you can rely on the expertise of the PHG recruitment team to source only those candidates who have an excellent track record and carefully vetted credentials. We would not recommend to our clients anyone that we would not be comfortable hiring ourselves. That’s the PHG promise!

Contact us today at (212) 444-1649 to talk to David Eri of our Finance recruitment team.
PHG Finance

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