Surveys indicate there are five reasons why people change jobs:

  • The company culture doesn’t feel right anymore
  • You feel underappreciated to the point where you do not think you would be missed
  • Too many obstacles in the way of getting your job done
  • Advancement opportunities are limited
  • Compensation

We also specialize in hiring consultants for short-term based projects.

If your interests lie in consulting with a company as opposed to working for one, please also get in touch.

If you are one of these employees, view our current list of open positions. We service most jobs in all industries and specialize in Information Technology, Accounting, Finance and Human Resources. Consultants and Fulltime applicants welcome to send your resume!

Let us help you step onto a rewarding and fulfilling career path.

Contact us today at (212) 444-1649 to learn more.

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